Our Vision

Our motto is ‘Play is Powerful’ so we strive to give quality education and care through this belief.

We aim to provide

  • An environment in which the children feel welcome, safe, secure and nurtured.
  • An environment that supports and strengthens bonds with families, communities and cultural identity.
  • A welcome space for parents and families to give us their feedback and encourage them to give us suggestions for development of the service.
  • A program that caters for the individual interests and needs of the children in our care.
  • A stimulating environment that encourages creativity, exploration and investigation by all children.
  • Support for the Early Years Learning Framework by promoting acceptance of gender, race, age, religion, languages and nationalities to promote the children’s sense of belonging.
  • An environment where the children’s nutritional requirements are met by educators updating their knowledge on current best practices.
  • Understanding about sustainable practises thus invoking respect and empathy for our environment.

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